LFE Technology offers our customers a special membership program and monthly contracts to allow you to get even more savings.

(855) LFE-TECH | (818) 308-4357

Home User Support
$99 Annually
(more than 20% hourly discount)
Business/Exchange User Support
$199 Annually
$99 Per Satellite or Additional Location
(more than 15% hourly discount)
Membership Options
Membership has several benefits!
Hourly Rates

Hourly Rates
Home User
Monthly Maintenance Contracts*

· Discounted pricing: Hourly rates and Monthly Maintenance Contracts are discounted for all

· Phone & E-Mail Support: Unlimited free email support and free phone support for the first
15 minutes of each call (Business Hours Only).

· First response priority: Members will receive remote, telephone, or on-location priority
scheduling and support over non-members.

· Access to information: Exclusive access to product bulletins, personal technology updates,
feature tutorials, and other information authored, edited or vetted by the company.

· Unlimited Referral Hours:  Members will be rewarded with unlimited "1 Free Hour" gift
certificates (1 free hour for every paid referral!)

· Unlimited "Take Me Home" Bonus Hours:  Business Members can use our services at their
home at the Home Member Rate (Exchange & VPN excluded).

· Unlimited "Take Me to Work" Bonus Hours:  Home Members can use our services at their
work at the Business Member Rate (Exchange & VPN included).

· Home Members have their Credit Card processing fee waived (all others clients pay 3½%).

· Discounted or free products and services: As an add-on to other work being performed,
members get discounted or free products and services (as available).

· Access and personalization:  LFE Technology member records ensures the customer will
receive support staff with direct knowledge of their inventory and service history.

# Hours
3-7 Hours
8-12 Hours
13+ Hours
*12 Month Service Agreement Required
**Per Hour - Billed Monthly on the 1st of Each Month

Other Charges***

After Hour & 911 Rates
Home User
$25 additional per hour
$50 additional per hour
$50 additional per hour
$100 additional per hour
Travel Fee (over 20 miles)
$25 additional per visit
$25 additional per visit

***There Is A 1 Hour Minimum Charge For All On-Site Visits - There Is A 15% Restocking Fee On All Returned Products
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