Lyle and his team provide a high level of IT helpdesk and support for my firm. I have been thrilled with his
responsiveness, expert advice and good nature. I would highly recommend him.
Jeff S., Century City, CA

We have used Lyle on several training opportunities and we had had great results from his work. I personally
recommend him as a trainer.
Juan R., Glendale, CA

Lyle is a whiz at fixing any problem from computers to tablet devices. He has helped us with many issues. He
is a very personable guy, who takes the time to assess each situation, fix it, and then follow up to make sure
everything is working the way it should. I highly recommend Lyle!
Erika A., Sherman Oaks, CA

We used Lyle’s services as an instructor for our Microsoft Office training classes. Anyone can teach someone
to use Microsoft Office, but not everyone can teach them the most efficient way. Lyle’s extensive knowledge
of the software combined with his approachable teaching style makes Lyle a valuable partner in delivering
comprehensive computer skills training to your employees.
Randy A., Commerce, CA

Lyle Fisher is an excellent trainer that IDT Corp. has utilized for several training assignments over the past 7
years. He has always delivered quality expert training on the subject matter he has instructed for IDT.
Marisa A., Glendale, CA

I consider Lyle an expert when it comes to his knowledge with Microsoft office suite. Great trainer with
insight into people needs and capable of handling diversified group with different levels of skills. Lyle
provided tremendous value by training our office staff over the past few years.
Syed H., City of Commerce, CA

Lyle has been an absolute life saver. His Knowledge and recommendations have consistently hit the mark. If
you need the best . . . call Lyle!
Jordan G., Topanga, CA

Lyle was conscientious, easy to work with and totally proficient in what he was doing. Now that I am more
familiar with the technical field, it has become all the more apparent that Lyle was totally effective and his
assessment of our technical needs was spot on.
Leah F., Valley Village, CA

I have been at my company for over 6 years. We had the same person consulting us on computers, what’s new
in the world of technology and our website. I was miserable! I found Ben’s Ranch through a new employee
and my life has not been the same since. I’m not kidding. Gone are the days when everyone in the office is
freaking out because something has gone wrong with our system, and we have to wait for our ‘IT’ guy to roll
out of bed.  Ben’s Ranch support team get’s back to us so quickly, at first I wondered if we were the only
customers of theirs. I have never felt uncomfortable or stupid when needing to ask a question that to most
people would be elementary. I just really like these guys. I know that if I need something that is related to
technology, I just shoot an email or make a call and I no longer have to worry about it. The buck stops here!
Dage B., Beverly Hills, CA

These guys are amazing. They are courteous, respond to emails really quickly, they truly believe in making the
most of your money, so if they have to come to your home, they will tell you to get your iPods together, your
computers, any other questions you may have about other equipment, so they make the most of the time they
are with you. On various occassions, I have had them set up my HD TV, fix my Tivo DVR and troubleshoot
my computer. They have just helped me set up my Netflix streaming, after someone else had told me to buy
the most complicated piece of equipment ever, I couldn’t get it to work, I called Jonathon at Ben’s Ranch, he
told me to buy a really simple piece of equipment, even sent me the link for it, and then helped with any
questions I had. I set the whole thing up by myself in 2 minutes, with his help. I should have called them about
it months ago! Their terms are extremely reasonable, and I have to admit, I do check out their blogs now too.
I forgot; they also set up my wireless network at my home too! And they never made me feel stupid for the
questions I asked … that is worth their weight in gold to me ……. I am a HUGE fan!
Michelle B., Van Nuys, CA

I’ve used Ben’s Ranch many, many times since I found them a couple of years ago. They’ve helped me with
stuff as little as loss of internet connectivity to things as comprehensive as ordering my laptop and equipping
it with everything I need and nothing I don’t. When I started my small business, they were right there with
recommendations for the kind of systems that would best fit our needs and budget. Service is fast and friendly
and the staff is really knowledgeable. Highest recommendation for these folks.
Deborah P., Los Angeles, CA

Ben’s Ranch is great- it’s nice to know someone out there knows as much about your laptop as your universal
Clemence Gossett, Owner, Gourmandise Desserts

I just wanted to thank you all for the professionalism and quality of the repair work you did on my personal
pc a couple weeks back.  I appreciate the attention I received and the fair deal.  The computer is workin’ just
Peter Alexander, Television Producer

Ben’s Ranch was amazing!  My husband and I were under a ton of pressure, moving with two young children
as well as doing a major shoot week for our book, and they totally came through for us.  They handled the
ordering of our computer, printers and televisions, got it all hooked up and set up. They even saved me a
bunch of money telling me what I needed and didn’t need.  We recommend Ben’s Ranch very highly!
Lisa Peri, Parenting Consultant

Ben’s Ranch did everything from helping us decide what needed to be purchased (and what DIDN’T);
repurposing existing equipment; suggesting new ways of looking at our problems; and patiently teaching our
entire family - each with widely varying degrees of expertise - how to manage and maximize our individual
Jamie Stern, Mar Vista

I’ve used several different IT services in the past and repeatedly have been disappointed by inferior technical
service.  Since I started using Ben’s Ranch several months ago, i feel completely at ease with the knowledge
that my technological needs will be met by people who are professional, responsive, courteous, intelligent, and
efficient.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and am confident that i will remain a client for many
years to come.
Maria D., Beverly Hills, CA

I cannot thank you enough for making the seemingly difficult things easy. Several newsletters ago, you
referred us to Mozy as a means to back up files.  I did it because it was simple and easy, and ended up being
eternally grateful after my hard drive imploded.  Thanks to your insight, I was up and running, including all
archived email files and, most importantly, my iTunes files, within 24 hours.
Patrick Wolski, President / Owner, Florida Furniture Sales

I finally have found the technical help for my computer, TiVo, televisions, etc. that I have been looking for
years. On top of being true experts, everyone I have dealt with at Ben’s ranch has been exceptionally nice.
Great concept for a great company! Thank you.
Greg V., Los Angeles

Yep, Elizabeth and Jonathon are great, they saved my butt on several occasions.  Best part is:  they never
make me feel like a technology idiot - which I am.  Can’t say enough good things about ‘em!!   They’re my
techie gurus!
Pattie Fitzgerald, Safely Ever After, Inc.

Just wanted to publically say thank you to Elizabeth and Jonathan for helping me with my computer issue
tonight. Elizabeth emailed me a detailed how-to to try and fix it, and Jonathan called me at 8pm. Turns out
that I turned off my wireless switch on the computer by accident.  Regardless, they were a great help to me,
after hours…especially since I have not been a previous client. I really appreciate it and would HIGHLY
recommend them to anyone with computer issues. I will be using them in the future!
Lisa Nichols

I just wanted to let you know how helpful Ben’s Ranch is each time you come to my office to work out the
computer challenges.  You were here today, and made several vitally important comments to improve my
effectiveness on my computers.  I especially appreciate your patience and steadiness when dealing with my
frustrations in response to the computer problems that interfere with the accomplishment of our business
objectives.  We are very glad to have your team helping us with our computers and other electronic needs.
Lisa Marie Cannon, Business Attorney for Buzz Aldrin

I run a very demanding sales oriented business.  I called Ben’s Ranch because I had a vision about how to use
technology to enable my business, but I did not have the solutions to execute it.  Ben’s Ranch has brought
technical insight into our day to day processes that have realized my vision:  My employees and I now use our
technology to conduct business rather than trying to work around it.  And I’m free to run the business, rather
than spending time trying to figure out which technology to use.
Seth Dechtman, The Speaker Agency

After a making a small investment in having the entire office upgraded by Ben’s Ranch, we were able to triple
our profits immediately because of the new efficiency, technology, and support.
Jacquie Jordan, Jacquie Jordan Inc/TVGuestpert.com

With four kids in the house and a home business to run, I have no time or patience for technology not
working. I have faxes, modems, computers, printers, a PDA, TiVo, an iPod - now. Ben’s Ranch is the only
phone call I make for all my technology needs.
Jennifer Glassman, Cheviot Hills

Ben’s Ranch is magnificent! I recently had a total crash with my computer and really feared I would lose
priceless photos and important business documents. Fortunately, I took the advice of Elizabeth Rodgers and
implemented a data backup system the week prior.  Ben’s Ranch retrieved the data from my backup, installed
a new hard drive and even came to my home and set everything up.  Without Ben’s Ranch, this really could
have been a very stressful and expensive experience.  They were professional, thoughtful and affordable.
Thanks Ben’s Ranch!!!
Laurel Green, Mom, Quickbooks Bookkeeper
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